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Simplifi by Quicken

User experience. Iconography. Branding.

Our client

Simplifi aims to help users reach their money goals with confidence. They were seeking design partners to help update their user workflows and branding experience. In the fall of 2019, Allovus Studios began collaborating with Simplifi’s internal design and development team. We work together to demystify personal finance and make it a delightful and easy-to-use resource for Simplifi’s customers.

Review current site

Our first task involved a thorough review of their existing site. We examined specific areas for ease of use, consistency, written communication, and navigational complexity. Frequent reviews and discussions helped our teams identify areas for improvement and chart a path for our creative collaboration.

Initial color explorations

Final color palette

Updated brand colors

Brand colors were explored concurrently with user workflows. The colors used within Simplifi have an importance far beyond brand recognition. They are foundational elements in infographic data displays that must work well together and maintain distinct separation when used alongside one another. Graphs, charts and donut displays are foundational visual tools that help users identify key areas within their budgets.

Icons + illustrations

Simplifi’s goal is to be easy and fun to use. Tone, messaging and visuals work together to achieve the right balance. Financial information tends to be linear and at times very dry. Our goal with the supplementary visuals was to provide a simple and lively organic presence. Non-linear shapes are combined with lighter opacity versions of the new color palette to create a bit of joy and visual relief for our users.

Ongoing UI + workflow explorations

Our internal explorations typically start with sketches that are reviewed with our client. They describe key elements, motion for animations or transitions, and how content is organized. These are fast and efficient ways of sharing ideas and charting new paths. Once solutions are established, tighter layouts are provided for critical review and optimization. Simplifi’s development team takes these tighter approved layouts directly into production.

In our ongoing relationship with Simplifi, we continue to explore new and updated features.