We build collaborative partnerships with companies to solve creative challenges.
We’re celebrating our 15th Anniversary!

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We’re embracing AI. Not as a replacement for the creativity we respect and nurture, but as a means of achieving more.

We understand the fears surrounding AI in creative spaces – the concern of losing that essence of human creativity. We’ve chosen to look at AI as “Augmented Intelligence” helping our creative community enhance their existing superpowers.

So, we’re building something new – an initiative that launches Allovus (all of us) on our AI journey. Starting in February, we will unveil our own research repository filled with insights derived from the daily tools used by our creatives.

At Allovus, we’re continuing to adapt and integrate these findings into the services we provide throughout our company. We’re focusing on:

  • Infusing AI tools within our studio
  • Machine learning to enhance matchmaking
  • Sharing our learnings as we go
  • Remaining curious on how AI can enhance our superpowers

We hope you’ll join us in this next chapter of Allovus. If you’re interested and want to be a part of this journey, please reach out to us.

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Our focus



UX + Product

Visual + Brand

UI + Visual Design

Content + Marketing


Executive search

We specialize in full-time placement. We use a holistic, qualitative approach to make the perfect match.

Review our Executive Search Services to learn more about our process.


Our focus

Product Design​

UX Design

UX Research

UI Design​

Motion Design​


Solving creative challenges

Our skilled and collaborative Design Studio team provides beautiful, elegant, and functional solutions for our clients. No matter the creative challenge, our intentionally small and agile team operates as a one-stop design shop.

Review our creative process to see how we provide maximum collaboration while allowing our clients to have minimal time investment.

Our Work

Simplifi by Quicken
My Wellness Product Design
Sharepoint UX Design
Thompson Reuters User Experience Design
Microsoft Illustration
Thomson Reuters User Experience Design
Permission to Start Dreaming
Big Bold Health
Big Bold Health

Allovus has the skill to balance the seeds of creativity with the need to execute projects on time and within budget.

Allovus Business Partner


Service offerings

Deliverable based models

Fixed price models​

Curated talent by project

Customized, flexible teams​

Tailored account management​

Salaried employees with benefits

Personalized care + support for team members

Deliverable based teams, managed for you

In today’s world, many of our clients are looking for ways to augment their own teams with creative talent in different ways outside the typical individual contractor approach. Our ability to build, nurture, and employ teams of people is one of our strongest attributes as an organization. We’re excited to provide a model to our clients which allows you to retain a world-class team, while meeting the compliance standards of your organization, all while delivering amazing designs on time and on budget.

Learn more about Custom Solutions.


Our focus

Professional development

Kickstarting you career

Interview skills

Job search strategies​

Defining values, goals, + purpose​

(Re)Navigating your career

Resume recommendations

Portfolio reviews

Personalized, professional coaching

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Or are you seeking guidance to kickstart your professional life? Allovus offers coaching to help people reach their full potential in work and life. Our expert coach will partner with you to identify your core values, strengths, and purpose.

Our approach focuses on setting attainable goals and creating outcomes that matter to you. Through mutual accountability, we’ll encourage self-discovery by developing solutions and strategies you can build on. We can help you improve your job search, refine your interview skills, and empower you by helping you set your personal and professional goals. Partnering with a coach can help you understand your purpose, know your value, and focus on your priorities. Let us help you get on the right path for personal and professional growth.

Learn more about Coaching at Allovus.


Our story

Founded by Hayley Nichols in 2009 with the goal of being a different kind of  design company. Allovus began from the desire to provide creative and technical individuals with opportunities that allow them to have a work/life balance. We still believe that and we work hard as a team to support our number one asset; our people. ​

Our culture

Allovus is a woman-owned equal opportunity employer committed to fostering an inclusive and creative environment. Hayley’s mission for Allovus has remained the same as the company has grown: to treat people with respect and care. Staying true to these values ensures that Allovus employees produce meaningful work, create strong community connections, and inspire delight in our clients.

Words we live by








Our team

Alena Hansen

Alena Hansen

Relationship Manager

Viviane Veraguth

Viviane Veraguth

Coach + Creative Strategist

Steve Godfrey

Steve Godfrey

Design Director

Aimee Hayes

Aimee Hayes

Services Director

Allison Flanigan

Allison Flanigan

Project Manager

Jenn Hergert

Jenn Hergert

Design Lead

Lawrence Winnerman

Lawrence Winnerman

Senior Operations Manager

Karen Walker

Karen Walker

Systems Coordinator

Megan Bennett

Megan Bennett

Executive Coordinator

Martina Dalton

Martina Dalton


Alison Grauman

Alison Grauman

UX Designer

Bill Grimmer

Bill Grimmer

UX Designer

Jason Calhoun

Jason Calhoun

VP of Operations

Allie Marie Soth

Allie Marie Soth


Hayley Nichols

Hayley Higgins

Founder + President

Liz Ashley

Liz Ashley

Development Director



8811 N. Harborview Dr.  |  Suite C  |  Gig Harbor, WA 98332

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