Windows 10 Quick Start Guide

Visual design

Project Overview

In January of 2020, the Windows 7 Operating System faced its end-of-life cycle and would no longer be supported. The Windows Community team knew that many Windows 7 users would feel apprehensive about transitioning to the newer operating system. They wanted to provide online and digital resource guides for the customers who needed step-by-step instructions.

Graphic shows eight brightly colored thumbnails of the new Quick Start Guide and includes 'Home Page/Table of Contents', 'Understanding your Desktop/The Windows Start Menu', 'Welcome Screen/Getting Started with Windows 10' and 'Setup and Personalization/Microsoft account and sign-in'.

Initial layouts + content organization

We wanted the user to find the experience warm and approachable. Initial design layouts were explored and reviewed in grayscale. Primary considerations were simple navigation, callouts to key features, and providing pro tips from Julie and the Windows Community Team.

Graphic shows four grayscale screenshots depicting various layouts for 'Understanding your Desktop' page.

Cover explorations

Warm, fun, inviting, and simple. Initial layout explorations established our color scheme and prominence of messaging, photographic imagery, and the Microsoft logo.

Graphic shows four brightly colored thumbnails of Quick Start Guide concepts using various branding elements.

Final quick start guide

The result was bright, colorful, and easy to review. The final guide is 32 pages long and features a great mix of tips, suggestions, videos, and information. The Windows Community team continues to receive considerable traffic on the site and numerous downloads of the guide.

Graphic shows 23 small colored thumbnails depicting the landing page and five sections of the final Quick Start Guide design.

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