Simplifi Badges + Achievements

Product design, User experience, Illustration

Project Overview

As part of our ongoing partnership with Simplifi, we worked with their team to design a recognition system to celebrate and reinforce user engagement with the product while they work toward better financial health. For over four months, we defined experience goals and collaboratively created a scalable system with room to grow. We defined what elements make up the system, behaviors and milestones we should celebrate, how users understand and track progress, and created vibrant visual elements for users to collect. Most importantly, we conceptualized this feature as a defined framework. As Simplifi's capabilities grow or engagement priorities change, new achievements can be added to support additional user and business needs.

Graphic shows two devices, a phone and a desktop, displaying the same content.

Design for scalability

Before designing a single badge, we made sure we designed this feature as a framework that could adapt to future achievements. We worked with Simplifi to define goals and pillars to clarify types of activities that should be recognized. We then outlined the potential elements, relationships, and interactions that would make up the system in low-fidelity and explored how users would learn about and engage with them.

Graphic shows five thumbnails depicting Achievement concepts; Intro Experience, Real-Time Awareness, Learning & Management, Dashboard Card and Navigation.

Conceptual exploration

Working with our studio means having a team with exactly the right specialties for your project. We brought in one of our illustrators to do rough conceptual sketches of how we might visually represent each type of achievement. With every round of feedback, we refined the visuals and focused on details like containing shape, line weight, and visual hierarchy.

Graphic shows two screenshots, each depicting icon concept explorations.

Visual refinement

As we moved into high-fidelity rendering, the visuals for each achievement underwent several rounds of client feedback and iteration before we produced assets. Our challenge was to create a consistent way to turn up the excitement as users proceeded through achievements with multiple levels of difficulty. We created badges that fit within the Simplifi brand but were also celebratory and dynamic.

Graphic shows three full-color final concept achievement illustrations, each depicting a stack of gold bars labeled 500K.

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