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Windows Community Website

User experience. Branding. Visual design.

What we did

Windows Community is a web site that helps users get more out of Windows and engage with others within the community. They feature product and educational videos, eBooks, articles, and forums to stay connected.

Over the last two years, we’ve provided UX and Visual Design services to help them refine all major areas of their web site as well as adding Gamification to increase user participation.

Updated branding

Our initial efforts focused on making the home page more inviting to new users. The original look and feel of the site was very technical. This did not appeal to the low-confidence users that Windows Community was trying to attract. We provided updated navigation and fresh visuals to make the site more welcoming and easier to use.

Creative efforts included:

  • Home page wireframe explorations
  • Friendlier logo treatment
  • Updated color palette
  • Easy to identify icons for category differentiation
  • Writing suggestions for a more conversational “tone”

Gamification areas: UI and iconography


Increasing participation with users is a core goal for the Windows Community team. Participation in forums and engaging weekly tasks enable users to earn badges. An updated profile area allows users to track their badges and learn more about how the system works. Our team provided the workflows and visual branding as well as the design and production for dozens of badges.

Forms: UI and iconography

Ongoing UI + workflow explorations

Allovus Studios has an ongoing partnership with the Windows Community team. Our contributions range from creative ideation for new features to reviews and concepts for extra areas they add to the site.