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Concept Exploration through Illustration + Storyboarding

Concepting. Illustration. Storyboarding.

The man in the wheelchair has moved alternative input controls to his wheelchair tray so he can use the computer from farther back than most people would.

One of the services Allovus Studios offers to our clients is storyboarding. Conceptual sketches and tight illustrations are critical components of conceptual testing. We work with our partners to create compelling, easy to understand visuals for use in storyboards or as stand-alone illustrations. Our Studio can provide a wide range of styles and levels of fidelity depending on your needs.

Person sits on the ground leaning against a chair looking at a mobile device as another person facing them looks on.
Child and two adults sit on a bed in a child's bedroom, one adult looking at a mobile device while facing the child.
Person sits at a keyboard in front of two monitors displaying multiple windows.
Two people in an embrace stand in front of and look at a restaurant storefront.
Split screen shows two people in different locations, each speaking on a phone. One person removes an item from a box, the other cooks on a stovetop.
Person sits at a desk looking at a computer screen displaying a large checked circle. A cup of coffee is also on the desk.

First round conceptual sketches

Woman holding a cell phone leans over the back of a couch on which a teen is seated. The two are looking at one another.
Teen sits on a bed propped up with pillows, writing on a device with a stylus while an adult looks on.
Man sits with an open laptop on his lap, smiling at the screen with one hand on the keyboard and the other hand holding a cup of coffee.
A person removes an item from a box while looking at a phone. Another person cooks at a stovetop, a phone cradled in the crook of his neck.
Teen sits in a chair, feet propped up on desk while looking at a large monitor. He holds a mobile device in one hand.
Man looks at a phone with a smile on his face. A callout shows the display of the phone, which is a group chat.
Teen looks at phone screen with a smile on his face. A callout shows an icon of an open lock with the text Social Media App unlocked.
Man sits in an office chair at a desk with monitor and keyboard in front of him, leaning back with his hands behind his head, looking relaxed.
Three people stand in front of a theater or marquee.
Woman sits in a bed typing on a laptop, looking indifferent.
Woman wearing workout clothing stands and looks at a phone screen. An empty text bubble is shown.
Two children sit side-by-side on a couch, each on a different handheld device. A cat sits behind them on the ledge of the couch.

Tight illustrations

A man and a boy sit side-by-side, the man looking at the boy with a thoughtful expression in a relaxed posture. A finger selects the Save option on a phone. The screen shows options to customize an avatar. The text on the screen says Choose Avatar, Choose Colors and Save. A finger selects a game on a phone. The text on the phone says Levels, Mission, 11 points, Level 1, Level 2, and the player avatar with a callout that says Good Job! Teen looks at a phone screen with a smile on his face and a callout showing an icon of his avatar and the text 16 points.
Four people gather around a laptop, looking at the screen while one person is using the keyboard. Laptop screen displays an arrow selecting one of three options. The title says Popular Categories. The options are Online, Personal and Locations. Laptop screen titled Online displays an arrow selecting multiple menu options. Option categories are Primary Goals and Secondary Goals. There is an option to add Custom Goal. Two children sit side-by-side on a couch, each on a different handheld device. A cat sits behind them on the ledge of the couch.

Illustrations + writing for storyboards

Storyboards provide simple, concise overviews of people and ideas. Brief stories help participants quickly grasp concepts and benefits.

We can help at all stages of storyboard creation:

  • Initial concepts + brainstorming
  • Initial sketches through tight illustrations
  • Writing
  • Final presentation
A girl is wearing over-the-ear headphones that are playing music. She looks frustrated that one side is too loud.
The girl is holding a phone. The content on the phone shows the audio settings window. The girl is adjusting only the right ear audio output volume.
A man stands in front of a large touch screen that shows a pie chart. The whole chart appears to be the same grey color.
The man selects a color filter on one side of a touch screen. He's looking at a pie chart on the other side that has easily distinguishable grey tones.
A man sits across the room from a monitor. He's looking at a paragraph of small text on the screen. In his hand is an Xbox controller, and he seems to be making a decision in a game.
The boy is choosing options to customize the screen brightness.
A woman looks unhappy as she moves a pen across a tablet screen.
The woman chooses a different digital pen tip. She removes the one with a sharper point that creates more friction on the screen. She attaches a soft tip that moves easily across the screen.
A boy uses a digital pen on a tablet, pushing hard enough to stress the tablet screen.
The boy chooses settings for pen force feedback. Feedback can be turned on or off, and colors can be customized for "correct" pressure and "too hard" pressure. The boy smiles as he practices and gets a green circle, indicating correct pressure.
A boy is speaking to Cortana on his Surface Go. As he is asking her, "What is twenty three minus-" Cortana interrupts him, asking him to repeat his question. He has a confused look on his face.
The boy has the settings window up on his Surface Go. He is adjusting a slide meter the prolongs the amount of time Cortana will take to before responding.

Tighter conceptual illustrations

In this case, very tight illustrations describe users with learning challenges and provide suggestions for hardware and software designers. This effort involved creating unique personas for dozens of unique individuals and conceptual illustrations focusing on their environment, challenges and solutions.