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Concept Exploration through Illustration + Storyboarding

Concepting. Illustration. Storyboarding.

One of the services Allovus Studios offers to our clients is storyboarding. Conceptual sketches and tight illustrations are critical components of conceptual testing. We work with our partners to create compelling, easy to understand visuals for use in storyboards or as stand-alone illustrations. Our Studio can provide a wide range of styles and levels of fidelity depending on your needs.

First round conceptual sketches

Tight illustrations

Illustrations + writing for storyboards

Storyboards provide simple, concise overviews of people and ideas. Brief stories help participants quickly grasp concepts and benefits.

We can help at all stages of storyboard creation:

  • Initial concepts + brainstorming
  • Initial sketches through tight illustrations
  • Writing
  • Final presentation

Tighter conceptual illustrations

In this case, very tight illustrations describe users with learning challenges and provide suggestions for hardware and software designers. This effort involved creating unique personas for dozens of unique individuals and conceptual illustrations focusing on their environment, challenges and solutions.