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Concepts. Design. Production.

Allovus knows icons. Our Studio icon team has years of experience and know-how in icon design and production. We have created thousands of icons in a variety of styles for a multitude of platforms. From concept and design to production support, we work with our partners to create solutions that meet and exceed requirements.

For something that seems so simple, the icon is a complex element, and we take it seriously. For those of you curious about our approach, read on to learn more.


Through our established production process and our ability to scale teams from large to small, we’ll deliver high quality icons that meet and exceed all your requirements.


An icon is a graphic symbol that represents an app, file, web page, function, or command. Depending on the product/application, icons require metaphors that are globally recognized and not regionally specific.


Icons carry a lot of weight, as they are intended to communicate meaning as well as reinforce your brand. We can carry an existing brand forward or help to establish a unique style.

Pure geometry shapes and strokes aligned to the grid



Consistent line weight

Stroke = monochrome

Stroke = multiple colors

Stroke + fills = multiple colors


If an icon style exists, we work with your team to ensure we adhere to the style guidelines. If a style requires development, we can create guidelines for handoff that consider multiple factors such as, color vs monochromatic, flat vs perspective, light source, alignment, and more.

Contrast ratio = 4.6:1


Contrast ratio = 1.8:1



Icons must be accessible to all users. We’ll work with you to meet your company and industry standards.

Stroke width for linear scaling

Stroke width for step scaling

Production efficiency

We understand that icon projects have unique requirements, and we know how to get the job done. Our customized systems and templates expedite icon production. See our Allovus Icon Overview print piece.

Please contact us if you would like to see specific examples of icon systems we've produced.