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Our client

From custom carpentry to concrete and masonry, Jason Higgins knows his craft. When starting his handyman service in Gig Harbor, he was seeking an identity that stood out and conveyed the same high level of quality and detail that he brought to his projects.


Tools. Building. Equipment.

Intriguing. Sophisticated. Accessible.

Reliable. Accountable. Dependable.

Tone + personality

Our first step was mood board exploration. We reviewed and discussed colors, brand, and architectural examples to establish the right tone and visual direction for the client’s new business.

Initial concepts

Gig Harbor is located on a bay in the Puget Sound, so water-based references naturally come to mind. After much discussion, the client and our team chose a color palette that reflects the elements of the sea and sand, while the imagery focuses on the tools of the craft.

The construction industry provides a wealth of imagery to work with, as does the name “Harbor Pros”. In the end, the client preferred a simpler logo with a memorable “seal”.

Final design + application

In a small town, word of mouth and personal interactions mean a great deal. Jason’s first request was the creation of business cards and a memorable truck presence. The combination of a simple logo, strong colors, and dot-matrix photo images provide a distinct presence in the Gig Harbor area.