Allovus studios is an intentionally small UX + visual design studio located south of Seattle. Our in-house studio offers a complete range of creative services for our clients. We’re able to hit tight deadlines and provide effective, powerful design solutions. We are all about collaboration.

What makes us unique?

Our studio is special. We’re not the biggest game in town because we’re intentional about our growth and the work we take on. It’s our mission to deliver the very best design services we’re capable of, staying true to our core services and providing clients with our very best. We strive for beautiful, elegant, and functional design, and our team members are carefully selected for their quality of design as well as their collaborative attitude.

Our Process

Our full-time staff includes creative direction, UX leadership, studio and project management as well as dedicated client support. By listening carefully and drilling down on specifics we’re able to clearly define the best process, timeline and creative team to help you reach your design goals. We’re proud of our ability to hit deadlines and responsibly manage project budgets. Our clients value our transparent approach to business.

Our makers

Steve Godfrey Steve Godfrey

Steve Godfrey

Studios Design Director

  • Designer.
  • Motivator.
  • Instigator.
Courtney Comfort Courtney Comfort

Courtney Comfort

Product Design Lead

  • Designer.
  • Educator.
  • Karaoke Master.
Brandon Moner Brandon Moner

Brandon Moner

Product Design Lead

  • Simplifier.
  • Diffuser.
  • Feng Shui Master.
Aimee Hayes Aimee Hayes

Aimee Hayes

Business Strategist

  • Seeker.
  • Solver.
  • Hippie.
Allison Flanigan Allison Flanigan

Allison Flanigan

Project Manager

  • Organizer.
  • Juggler.
  • Nurturer.
Chris Tyler Chris Tyler

Chris Tyler

Project Manager

  • Tactician.
  • Obstacle Remover.
  • Cat Herder.
Alison Grauman Alison Grauman

Alison Grauman

UX Designer

  • Design Acrobat.
  • Inventor.
  • Systematizer.
Martina Dalton Martina Dalton

Martina Dalton


  • Writer.
  • Designer.
  • Grammar Police.

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