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We are actively looking for candidates for the following roles. If you are interested in one or more of them, introduce yourself.


We are looking for an innovative, self-motivated, inspired UX designer who can work out-of-the-box on building integrated Conversational / Voice UX and UI systems for various products and technologies.

What you will be doing

  • Develop high-level and detailed mockups and prototypes to effectively communicate conversational interaction and design ideas
  • Create detailed, comprehensive voice user interface (VUI) design specifications in collaboration with Engineering and PM
  • Define and extend voice persona for various new product areas
  • Evaluate usability and audio consistency of existing dialog flows and recommend design changes
  • Perform analysis of real usage data to inform UX optimization of the designs
  • Collaborate with the broader design community to develop and share the designs across offerings within Speech Services

What you must have to be successful

  • 7+ years of combined product design, enterprise UX, or relevant agency-side experience
  • 3+ years’ experience designing and releasing successful consumer voice, chat and multi-modal speech interfaces
  • Experience with responsive design and cross-device interfaces/inputs from mobile, tablet, desktop, TV and game console
  • A unique ability to create UX strategies and solutions from the customer point of view
  • Ability to work within a cross-functional team and handle multiple projects with tight deadlines
  • Strong use of Design Thinking practice
  • Strong user experience skill set including data-driven analytics, and a working understanding of speech and language technologies
  • Outstanding storytelling and presentation skills
  • Strong strategic skills in assessing business and user scenarios, approaches and deliverables
  • Bachelor's degree in Human-Computer Interaction or an equivalent field

We're looking for a Sr. UX Generalist to help us take our internal tools and services to the next level. The Sr. UX Generalist will have the unique opportunity to work on multiple high-visibility internal projects, all while learning about our client's programs and how they collaborate. We're looking for a creative, service-design oriented individual who can find ways to help our customers engage with off-the-shelf enterprise software.

What you will be doing

  • Drive and synthesize customer discovery and understanding through contextual interviews, job shadows and usability studies with employees across the company, learning how employees engage and collaborate across a variety of business capabilities and technical systems
  • Facilitate design thinking and working sessions across multiple disciplines to build shared understanding, consensus and forward progress against deliverables
  • Create service blueprints, process flows, information architecture diagrams, wireframes, prototypes or other artifacts required to build shared understanding across multiple disciplines
  • Collaborate with other UX Design professionals to establish and document best practices for consistently gathering and detailing customer understanding; create sustainable and effective mechanisms for evaluating delivered solutions

What you must have to be successful

  • You're comfortable adapting your chosen process and methods to address the needs of specific projects, without significant guidance.
  • You're an active listener and experienced interviewer who enjoys using great questions to help your participants drive the conversation
  • You've run your own usability tests as a research team of one (3-9 participants) in a non-academic setting, and you’ve socialized your findings to stakeholders
  • You're comfortable partnering with project teams to see your research recommendations through to implementation
  • You’re effective at communicating with all stakeholders, especially those not familiar with the design discipline -- knowing when to listen, when to contribute and when to evangelize
  • You possess more than 5 years experience leading generative and evaluative research, information architecture and interaction design engagements, ideally for a variety of complex digital applications
  • You’re a skilled presenter of your work, which can be demonstrated through your interactive design portfolio

We are currently seeking a driven, creative, customer-focused User Researcher who is passionate about user experience research and has an aptitude for learning new technologies. The successful candidate will need to have good project management skills, have strong knowledge of research methodology, experience conducting user testing, and be able to target and present your research findings to a variety of specific audiences. You will need to be able to learn new technologies quickly, work in an agile environment and juggle multiple deliverables. Additionally, you’ll need to be detail-oriented and thorough in your approach to research methodologies, but flexible enough to work within time and project constraints.

What you will be doing

As a User Researcher, you will have the opportunity to employ a wide range of research methodologies including field research, lab-based usability tests, focus groups, prototype testing, and survey research. You will be responsible for implementing all phases of user research testing including writing research plans, developing screeners to identify participant profiles, moderating usability sessions, writing detailed reports, and presenting findings to client.

What you must have to be successful

  • At least 2-3 years of experience in user research field
  • Education requirements include either an MA/MS or PhD in human factors, psychology or highly related field. Or be enrolled in a graduate level degree program with relevant work experience
  • Experience with a broad range of research methodology
  • Ability to work effectively with multidisciplinary teams to drive application of results into the business
  • Experience generating research plans, defining and tracking user experience metrics, coordinating work on multiple products/releases and managing the work of additional resources
  • Solid knowledge of the field of human-computer interaction, experimental design, observational and field methods and data analysis is required
  • Strong aptitude for learning new technologies. Strong written and oral communication skills are required
  • Your portfolio and experience should demonstrate creative solutions, leadership, and ability to handle complex UX problems, and drive excellent execution

We are looking for a Senior UX Designer to plan, lead, and help drive the direction for in-store and online shopping experiences. Are you a user-focused designer who’s designed business applications and commerce experiences across the web and mobile? This could be the role for you! You’re a UX leader and tenured designer who loves to learn, solve challenges, dream up, and implement breakthrough ideas. You've worked on multiple similar projects already, ideally in retail or online shopping and you're looking for a new adventure. You’re a tireless advocate for the customer—enthusiastic about building and iterating on designs to discover what works best and applying your knowledge to create incredible software products. You're passionate about your interests, and you want to work on projects that will change the world for the better. You understand how to bring a team together to solve difficult product and customer problems, fixing what's not quite right and smoothing the customer’s journey through the product. You to find ways to reduce the number of screens, remove the extraneous, drive users to the next screen or next step, and shorten the path to “Wow!” You’ll work in a focused team collaborating with fellow designers, program managers and engineers.

What you will be doing

  • Design experiences customers love
  • Work as a unified team
  • Deliver success

What you must have to be successful

  • 7+ years of combined product design, enterprise UX, or relevant agency-side experience
  • Experience with responsive design and cross-device interfaces/inputs from mobile, tablet, desktop, TV and game console
  • A unique ability to create UX strategies and solutions from the customer point of view
  • Team collaborator who delivers highly usable and compelling customer experiences
  • Disciplined user of research data and insights to drive decisions and measure success
  • Self-starter who plans and executes work with minimal support
  • Deep understanding of UX's role in the application development process
  • Comfortable with ambiguity, know your strengths (and weaknesses), and have a point of view
  • Possess a decisive bias toward action
  • Proficient at influencing for impact
  • Evangelist of UX among partner teams to raise product quality
  • Passionate curiosity for UX and UI
  • Inclusive design is embraced as a challenge, not a limitation
  • Bias towards simplification of information architecture
  • Understanding and applying customer feedback, research, and telemetry to the design process
  • Research and usability testing
  • Collaborative partner
  • Effective storytelling

Always in demand

We are always looking for talented creatives at all levels for the following types of roles. If you are one of the following, introduce yourself.

Design patterns, workflow, navigation, and structure to define the user journey, behavior, and content for ease-of-use, coherence, and consistency.

Experienced UX designers with expertise in product research, design strategy, information architecture, and/or interaction design. We look for demonstrated skill and knowledge in developing high-functioning products in the following areas: corporate websites, software applications, enterprise systems, and/or consumer electronic devices. UX Designers should be able to articulate concepts through problem solving, idea generation and mapped thought processes, highlight best practices, define project challenges, scope, prototyping and stages of delivery/execution are key.

Typical responsibilities

  • Design and specify user interfaces and information architecture using participatory and iterative design techniques, including observational studies, customer interviews, and other forms of requirements discovery.
  • Plan, prioritize, coordinate, and conduct user analysis and requirements, task analysis, conceptual modeling, information architecture design, and interaction design.
  • Produce user requirements specifications, user profiles, storyboards, scenarios, flowcharts, design prototypes, and design specifications.
  • Effectively communicate research findings, conceptual ideas, detailed design, and design rationale both verbally and visually. Develop and document detailed user experience specifications for highly interactive interfaces.
  • Collaborate with Product Management, Development and Test teams in seeing the designs through from planning to implementation.
  • Work closely with multiple stakeholders to ensure that design specifications are implemented.
The process of understanding user behaviors, needs, and attitudes using different observation, quantitative and qualitative data.

Experienced User Experience Researchers with expertise in planning, guiding and executing on a wide variety of user-centered research projects including field research, user analysis, and consumer surveys. We look for User Experience Researchers who are highly collaborative and are comfortable working with many partners across the user experience team, as well as marketing and product development teams.

Typical responsibilities

  • Design, plan, and conduct user research, including methods such as: usability lab studies, ethnographic field research, participatory design, cognitive walkthroughs and other similar approaches.
  • Partner with user experience designers, marketing, program management and marketing communications to represent user needs during product definition, requirements gathering, project planning, UI design and product launch.
  • Participate in research initiatives to ensure an applied user-centered design process addressing client needs and objectives.
  • Significant experience with multiple user research methodologies spanning the product development life cycle from conceptualization to launch, such as lab studies, field research, iterative prototype testing, and surveys/questionnaires.
Define user requirements and plan the site or product architecture through the study of site concepts, platforms, and target audience.

Experienced Information Architects are able to successfully determine user requirements and plan the site or product architecture through the study of site concepts, platforms, and target audience. Information Architects envision architectural schemes, information structure and features, functionality, and user-interface design; as well as create optimum user scenarios. We look for Information Architects who are skilled at preparing data models, designing information structure, data flow, and UX navigation.

Typical responsibilities

  • Analyze user needs, preferences, objectives, and working methods; study how users consume content, including data categorization and labeling; meeting with focus groups.
  • Produce workflow diagrams, user scenarios, flowcharts, and storyboards.
  • Prepare interaction specifications, navigation rules, organize information, and site maps.
  • Explore architecture through preparation of paper and interactive prototypes and mockups.
  • Coordinate with team to integrate site concept with visual design, content, interface, and navigational structure; document structure and processes.
Create aesthetic graphic representations that depict a concept using color palette, typography, use of imagery, defining layouts using hierarchy and organization.

Experienced Visual Designers with skills in product design, brand implementation, and common design and prototyping methodogies in web-based and mobile products. We look for Visual Designers who have talent in the creation of iconography, typography, storyboarding, and data visualization. Understanding how to leverage customer and user research to drive visual design and brand programs within a single product or across a suite of products is key.

Typical responsibilities

  • Design graphics elements, assets, and visual approaches that are user-centric and responsive.
  • Partner with UX designers and architects to create a cohesive user experience for products.
  • Create and manage brand standards and style guides for products.
  • Maintain visual consistency and quality throughout the products
Establish functionality that demonstrates the design and interaction within key areas which are created within storyboards and wireframes to outline the experience.

Experienced Prototypers with demonstrated ability in utilizing a variety of technologies and frameworks to develop working prototypes that bring wireframes, storyboards and comps to life. We look for Prototypers who can work closely with other web developers, engineers, designers, product owners, and users to create and deliver high-quality prototypes on conceptual designs that will demonstrate new ways for how people interact, create, consume, and share.

Typical responsibilities

  • Drive projects from start to finish rapidly building and iterating prototypes to validate and refine concepts as well as test ideas.
  • Work closely with developers, engineers, designers, product owners, and users to create and deliver high-quality prototypes on conceptual designs that will demonstrate new ways for how people interact, create, consume, and share.
  • Collaborating with stake holders, designers and developers to create prototypes ensuring design and user experience quality from the development process through launch.
  • Partner with design and development teams to ensure that interactive techniques and technologies translate through to shipping products and services, producing interactive and techniqually feasible experiences.
  • Recognize, recommend and execute interface design practices with respect to accessibility and usability needs; building prototypes of designs, actively contribute to the quality of our products by supplying interaction design recommendations.
Manage and schedule resources, meetings, deliverables, deadlines, and negotiate tradeoffs in budget and schedules as necessary.

Experienced Project Managers who have a track record of successfully managing complex UX, UI, Design and/or Research projects while communicating with project stakeholders, technical program managers, user experience and development teams to define and deliver complex features for products, websites, and mobile. We look for Project Managers with the ability to contribute to the project work by consulting with Clients and Account Management during planning and concepting; including managing production budget and resources, providing alternate solutions to produce scope, and managing the project timeline.

Typical responsibilities

  • Lead the efficient delivery of large, complex UX/UI/Research projects.
  • Manage ambiguity across projects with an acute sensitivity to deadlines and multiple deliverables. Anticipate bottlenecks, provide escalation management, anticipate and make tradeoffs, and balance the business needs versus technical constraints.
  • Understand and foster meaningful relationships with members of the team in order to best leverage individuals' unique skills and abilities, and avoid or minimize potential resource gaps.
  • Identify, assess, track and mitigate issues and risks at multiple levels.
  • Create, maintain and disseminate project plan and information to stakeholders.
  • Drive effective teamwork, communication, collaboration and commitment across multiple disparate groups with competing priorities.

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