Our Focus

We see the big picture, and we care about the small details.

Our Inspiration
An approach that works

An Approach that Works

We invest the time to understand our clients as well as our talent.

Our collaboration = your success

We're all in this together: 3 recruiters are better than 1.

Our Collaboration = Your Success
Matchmaking Toolkit

Matchmaking Toolkit

Our proprietary tool + machine learning + recruiting magic = your success.

Why Us?


Are you in need of a design professional to jump in and hit the ground running? Our staffing model provides you with experienced designers looking for opportunities to make your project a success. From 2 weeks to 12 months, we've got you covered.


Are you seeking a designer or a team to help solve an urgent need, but you don't have the bandwidth to manage them? Our studio model provides project management oversight and design leadership in an offsite location, all based on your creative design needs.


Are you hoping to grow your team and embed someone new into your company culture for the long haul? Our fulltime recruiting model provides you with viable, well-qualified candidates, all of whom have been vetted and interviewed by our recruiting team.

Our Creative Pool

Talent Pool

Allovus has 1,200 highly skilled creative resources that are fully vetted and ready to work.

  • 30% UX Designers
  • 25% Visual Designers
  • 10% Production Artists
  • 5% UI Developers
  • 5% Video and UI Animation
  • 20% Project Management
  • 5% Content Designers

Our Top Talent

UX Designers

Design patterns, workflow, navigation, and structure to define the user journey, behavior, and content for ease-of-use, coherence, and consistency.

Visual Designers

Create aesthetic graphic representations that depict a concept using color palette, typography, use of imagery, defining layouts using hierarchy and organization.


Establish functionality that demonstrates the design and interaction within key areas which are created within storyboards and wireframes to outline the experience.

Our 'A' Team

Meet the people behind the scenes at Allovus.

Aimee Hayes Aimee Hayes

Aimee Hayes

Account Manager

  • Seeker.
  • Solver.
  • Hippie.
Alan Walker Alan Walker

Alan Walker

Account Manager

  • Logistician.
  • Charmer.
  • Speedster.
Allison Flanigan Allison Flanigan

Allison Flanigan

Account Manager

  • Organizer.
  • Juggler.
  • Nurturer.

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