We've got our priorities straight

We value family and work/life balance. We believe in doing great work and paying it forward.


What we're good at

Creative matchmaking is what we do best. Producing high quality work and providing great opportunities is what we're about.

There's room for everyone

Our inclusive nature brings us all together, we welcome all to join our creative pool.


We've created something different

We've been in your shoes and know that your voice matters. We've got your back.

Happy employees. Delighted clients. Healthy company.

Allovus is a design firm based in Gig Harbor, Washington. Small but mighty, our business team is full of energetic and thoughtful people who connect amazing designers with the work they love.

Independently owned and headquartered just outside Seattle, Allovus was founded by Hayley Nichols in 2009.

"My goal was to create a talent agency that was different. A place that embodied the spirit of the Pacific Northwest combined with my belief that treating people with generosity and appreciation leads to thriving employees and client relationships that shine."

Treating people with respect and care is at the heart of everything we do. Staying true to these values ensures that Allovus employees produce meaningful work, and our clients are well served and delighted in the services we provide.

Allovus Values


Everything starts with being real. No asterisks or tiny type.


Flexible, accessible, invested: we work with you, not at you.

Hard work

Our commitment helps free you to do your best work.


Building trust is the basis of everything we do.


Doing right creates a chain reaction of good for everyone.


We respect the process, but never more than our people.


We own it. And not just for the short term.


We've been there. That's why we focus on being human.


We meet every new challenge with a fresh perspective.


We like things friendly, happy, and a little quirky.


To get it, you must earn it from others.


We believe in giving value to everyone's ideas.


Seattle Studio

While members of our team usually come to you for a visit, our Seattle office is always available for meetings and 1:1s. The space is centrally-located in Pioneer Square at The Pioneer Collective.

Gig Harbor Studio

Our spacious, and newly renovated, Gig Harbor Studio is located right on the harbor with a direct view of The Mountain. Drop-ins are welcome. If the weather permits, meetings are held on the deck (so is the lunchtime fitness workout).

Taking Care of Business

Our Business Team knows creatives in the Northwest and beyond. We keep a deep network of creative talent and can swiftly work all angles of the placement process. Our in-house Studio Team can quickly scale resources, as they manage the entire creative process from client collaboration to design delivery.

Hayley Nichols Hayley Nichols

Hayley Nichols

Founder + Principal

  • Trailblazer.
  • Problem Solver.
  • Guardian.
Jason Calhoun Jason Calhoun

Jason Calhoun

VP of Operations

  • Confidant.
  • Advocate.
  • Shoe Maniac.
Rob Nichols Rob Nichols

Rob Nichols


  • Developer.
  • Philosopher.
  • Implementer.
Liz Ashley Liz Ashley

Liz Ashley

Development & Tools

  • Developer.
  • Designer.
  • Code Cowgirl.
Heather Axtell Heather Axtell

Heather Axtell

HR & Benefits

  • Observer.
  • Helper.
  • Sugartarian.
Karen Walker Karen Walker

Karen Walker

Data Systems

  • Detailer.
  • Supporter.
  • Data Diva.
Todd Schultz Todd Schultz

Todd Schultz

IT Support

  • Support technician.
  • Mad Scientist.
  • Appaholic.

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